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(855) 306-6934 is a Harassment Call based in United States. Carrier is Toll free. 140 Reports & 1188 Searches. They left 1 comment(s).

(855) 306-6934

United States

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  • Harassment Call
  • Unsolicited Call
  • Marketing Call
  • Debt Collector
  • Identity Theft
  • Abandoned Call

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  • Evening Call 32
  • International Calling 18
  • Unwanted Call 13
  • Weekend Call 10
  • Unsolicited call 1188
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    (855) 306-6934

    2017.05.25 20:44:56Flag This Comment

    The caller was very difficult to understand, as if he was calling from another country, and didn't speak English very clearly. He wanted to know if I knew my neighbor's cell phone number. I asked what is this regarding and how did he get my phone number? He said it was a personal business matter and that he got my number from looking up (Googling) neighbors' phone numbers. I told him I didn't correspond much with this neighbor and that I don't have their phone number. He asked that if I see them to pass along that he would like them to call him back, but didn't leave a number. He must have (correctly) assumed that I had caller ID and that I would give the number to my neighbor. It sure seems a little s*** to me.

    (855) 306-6934 Caller ID

Basic Info

    Search Requests: 1188
    Reports: 140
    Comments: 1
    Location: United States
    Carrier: Toll free
    Type: Fixed line ´╝ĆMobile
    Address: United States

Possible formats

    (855) 306-6934
    855 306 6934
    (855) 306-6934
    +1 8553066934

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