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(815) 426-9003 is a Political Call based in Herscher, Illinois, United States. Carrier is Peerless Ntwk - Il. 16 Reports & 468 Searches. Users also tagged it as political survey, gift card, keep calling.

(815) 426-9003

Herscher, Illinois, United States

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Top spam/scam types by reports

  • Silent Call
  • Sweepstakes / Lottery / Prizes Scam
  • Identity Theft
  • Marketing Call
  • Harassment Call
  • Political Call

Reported Tags

  • political survey 2
  • gift card 2
  • keep calling 2
  • unsolicited prize notification 1
  • constant busy signal 1
  • identity theft 1
  • telemarketing call 1
  • no one is there 1

Top scams/frauds to watch out for in 2018

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    5. Dating scams
    6. Debt relief scams
    7. Free security scans - Don't be tricked by messages on your computer screen that claim that your machine is already infected with a virus.
    8. Government grant scams
    9. Health product scams
    10. IRS-related scams - Supposedly from the IRS to steal your identity and assets.
    11. Job scams
    12. Service members or veteran scams
    13. Jury duty scams
    14. Phantom debt scams - Supposedly from "debt collectors" or "court officials" to make threatening claims requiring you to pay money that you don't owe.
    15. Tech support scams - Scammers pretend that there is a problem with your computer and then try to convince you to pay them to fix it.
    16. Social Security imposter scams - Pretending to be a Social Security investigator claiming that there is a problem with your social security account. They then tell you to call another number to resolve the problem.
    17. Subpoena scams - Scammers send bogus email, supposedly from a U.S. District Court, stating that you have to come to court. These messages are fake and may contain links that are harmful to your computer.
    18. Text message spam - Not only can text message spam be annoying and cost you money on your mobile phone bill, but the messages are often for scams.

Basic Info

    Search Requests: 468
    Reports: 16
    Location: Herscher, Illinois, United States
    Carrier: Peerless Ntwk - Il
    Type: Fixed line ´╝ĆMobile
    Address: Herscher, Illinois, United States

Possible formats

    (815) 426-9003
    815 426 9003
    (815) 426-9003
    +1 8154269003

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