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(805) 212-7110 is a Unwanted Call based in California, United States. 362 Reports & 780 Searches. They left 6 comment(s). Users also tagged it as scam call, unwanted call, irs scam.

(805) 212-7110

California, United States

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Top spam/scam types by reports

  • Unwanted Call
  • Silent Call
  • Marketing Call
  • IRS Imposter
  • Scam Call
  • Robocaller
  • Unsolicited Call

Reported Tags

  • scam call 62
  • unwanted call 40
  • irs scam 23
  • no one is there 21
  • air duct cleaning 20
  • credit card 20
  • voip 20
  • unsolicited call 2
  • robocall 2
  • political call 1
  • Silent call 1
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    (805) 212-7110

    2018.09.10 21:24:43Flag This Comment

    Silence and hung up on me

    (805) 212-7110 Caller ID
  • A


    (805) 212-7110

    2018.09.06 01:38:34Flag This Comment

    Caller claiming to be agent from IRS

    (805) 212-7110 Caller ID
  • E


    Silent Call

    2018.02.08 21:09:02Flag This Comment

    Another unwanted call, when I answer, the call goes to dead air.

    (805) 212-7110 Caller ID no one is there Unwanted call
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    (805) 212-7110

    2017.10.24 18:24:35Flag This Comment

    Calls 5-8 times daily; no one on caller end. Silence for extended period. No answer when calling back.

    (805) 212-7110 Caller ID no one on caller end
  • A


    IRS Imposter

    2017.09.14 13:56:50Flag This Comment

    Yet another unwanted call from this Los Angeles area VOIP number arrived today, just 2 weeks since the last unwanted call on Sept. 1. When the answering machine picked up, the caller responded with dead silence. This is the tactic of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who continuously troll the phone lines, desperately seeking gullible schmucks to victimize. Posters report the caller is a scam contractor (probably unlicensed). Whether it's air duct cleaning, home repairs, computer repairs, credit cards, vacation giveaways, fake charities, or the IRS, A SCAM IS A SCAM IS A SCAM!

    (805) 212-7110 Caller ID IRS Scam Unwanted call

Basic Info

    Search Requests: 780
    Reports: 362
    Comments: 6
    Location: California, United States
    Type: Fixed line ´╝ĆMobile
    Address: California, United States

Possible formats

    (805) 212-7110
    805 212 7110
    (805) 212-7110
    +1 8052127110

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