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(317) 348-3070 is a Robocaller based in Fishers, IN, United States. Carrier is VoIP. 3026 Reports & 3230 Searches. They left 19 comment(s).

(317) 348-3070

Fishers, IN, United States

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  • Phone Scam
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  • Health Insurance Scam
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  • Evening Call 30
  • Unwanted Call 9
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  • Unsolicited call 3230
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    2018.06.08 18:14:21Flag This Comment

    Called me 5 times a day for the last 2 weeks. Female recorded message who claims the have every Health Ins. Carrier known in industry. Total scam. Don't press 2. A phone # aficionado said the actual # is (317)348-3069 that poses as 3070 and claims to be a Health Ins. co. (Health Choice).Beware not to give any info. I have not yet talked to a human being! Call the 3069 over and over.

    (317) 348-3070 Caller ID robocaller recorded message scam call
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    Phone Scam

    2018.06.08 16:30:02Flag This Comment

    These scums have been calling my landline at least once a day for over a month. I do not answer any calls I don't recognize. Both of my phones have been on the DNC list forever, yet I am getting more and more calls? WHEN will the FCC do something to stop these low lifes from harassing us? My local phone company, CenturyLink, claims there is nothing they can do----I don't believe that. This is getting so out of control. My question is this: what do these scammers hope to gain by calling and hanging up? Nothing, so where's the money in that? I am beyond fed up.

    (317) 348-3070 Caller ID Scam Call
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    Harassment Call

    2018.06.08 16:23:32Flag This Comment

    you are lucky you got to talk to someone! they keep calling from this number plus untold others and leave same message, but if you call number back it is not in service. Message says press 1 for assistance , 2 to be placed on do not call list. How can you press 2 if you can't answer phone? If I answer, call immediately hangs up and leaves me message. Ready to have my phone disconnected!Does anyone have a valid number I can reach them at and at least ask to be placed on no call list?

    (317) 348-3070 Caller ID keep calling robocaller
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    (317) 348-3070

    2018.06.08 15:28:31Flag This Comment

    SCAM. Robocall

    (317) 348-3070 Caller ID
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    (317) 348-3070

    2018.06.08 12:49:10Flag This Comment

    whenj I asked how they got my number I was hung up on...then was blocked when I called back

    (317) 348-3070 Caller ID

Basic Info

    Search Requests: 3230
    Reports: 3026
    Comments: 19
    Location: Fishers, IN, United States
    Carrier: VoIP
    Type: Fixed line /Mobile
    Address: Fishers, IN, United States

Possible formats

    (317) 348-3070
    317 348 3070
    (317) 348-3070
    +1 3173483070

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