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(314) 300-7731 is a Unwanted Call based in Saint Louis, United States. Carrier is Level 3 Communications. 539 Reports & 5117 Searches. They left 3 comment(s). Users also tagged it as portfolio recovery, irs scam, keep calling.

(314) 300-7731

Saint Louis, United States

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Top spam/scam types by reports

  • Unwanted Call
  • Debt Collector
  • Marketing Call
  • Harassment Call
  • IRS Imposter
  • Unsolicited Call
  • Phone Scam

Reported Tags

  • portfolio recovery 1
  • irs scam 1
  • keep calling 1
  • no message left 1
  • phishing scam 1
  • telemarketing call 1
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    (314) 300-7731

    2018.06.16 01:22:44Flag This Comment

    Raman. To sell something

    (314) 300-7731 Caller ID
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    (314) 300-7731

    2018.06.09 10:48:45Flag This Comment

    I could barely understand this b****. American, but talked so fast she was like a yapping monkey. She had the correct last four digits of my SS plus my correct address (though she left off a number and I corrected that). CLaimed that I had an outstanding debt with Capital One of 3500 dollars or so. I do have Cap One card, but it's in good standing and I've never been late with a payment, have paid if off completely at times. So she said do you want to put this into dispute? I said of course. This thing just smelled fishy and I had to scream STOP STOP STOP to get her to shut her hole and repeat what she was saying. So hard to understand. She claimed they'd sent me many letters, which I have not received. My best guess is this was a fishing expedition, that maybe part of the Equifax hack and they just are verifying info before they steal your identity.

    (314) 300-7731 Caller ID Capital One
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    Debt Collector

    2018.05.31 10:08:06Flag This Comment

    Call me several times a day- leaves no message- AT&T shows this as a debt collector- but I have no debt with this group

    (314) 300-7731 Caller ID debt collector No message left

Basic Info

    Search Requests: 5117
    Reports: 539
    Comments: 3
    Location: Saint Louis, United States
    Carrier: Level 3 Communications
    Type: Fixed line /Mobile
    Address: Saint Louis, United States

Possible formats

    (314) 300-7731
    314 300 7731
    (314) 300-7731
    +1 3143007731

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