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Chicago, Illinois, United States

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    K. Cole

    (312) 319-8018

    2018.02.16 13:46:54Flag This Comment

    Called and left phone number without the area code. Voice was female and I could detect an accent. The voice speaking was clear but slow like English wasn't their natural language.

    (312) 319-8018
  • A


    Scam Call

    2018.02.13 12:08:02Flag This Comment

    Left message with number, repeated number. No other info

    (312) 319-8018
  • M


    (312) 319-8018

    2018.02.13 09:01:29Flag This Comment

    Scam - left message with phone number and said let me repeat for you and repeat phone number.

    (312) 319-8018
  • A


    (312) 319-8018

    2018.02.09 15:05:53Flag This Comment

    They said something about charges! Sounded like a scam for sure!!!

    (312) 319-8018
  • A


    Harassment Call

    2018.02.09 09:14:17Flag This Comment

    keeps calling then hangs up when I answer.

    (312) 319-8018 keep calling

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